The assignment will be a written case study of 2000 words to identify the implications of a Type 1 diabetes-Long Term condition on a patient s life journey and wellbeing.

Choose a patient in practice with a Long Term condition-Type 1 diabetes.
Consider the holistic implications on their life:
.Physical, psychological, social, sexual, spiritual etc
Consider the sense of wellbeing and the total lived experience.
150 words:
Set the scene for the reader, identify patient (acknowledge confidentiality). Why is the LTC of importance? Vital stats. What is your aim?
E.g Type 1 diabetes accounts for almost 57000 death each year in the under 75 s according to the Department of Health (2008) and this group of patients are the most intensive users of high cost services¬Ě.

Background to LTC-Type 1 diabetes
250 words:
brief introduction to the patient and their LTC
Discuss the pathophysiology of the condition. If you are going to discuss a disabling aspect of the condition it may be worth explaining the link to pathophysiology here.

Case study
1250 words:
Identify the impact the LTC-Type 1 diabetes has on the patient from a holistic perspective.
The focus doesn t have to be negative you can discuss some positive coping strategies/behaviours.
There should be some reference to national initiatives and policy relating to you chosen LTC and linked to the care they are receiving.
Discuss the carer s involvement in the patients journey.
Consider what life is like for your patient.

350 words: Summarise your key points and the main implications on the patient s life and wellbeing.
Don t introduce anything new here.
Conclude on your main findings
Keep it brief

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