Text and Culture Semiotic Analysis Essay

Your analysis needs to:
(i) identify and describe the signs and sign systems at work in the text (10 marks)
(ii) show how these interrelate (5 marks)
(iii) show how they can be read in terms of dominant, negotiated, and oppositional readings (5 marks)
(iv) show how the gaze operates in the text (5 marks)
(v) show how the text includes and excludes identities and meanings through myth and ideology (10 marks).
(vi) Writing, referencing (5 marks). Marks will be deducted from a maximum of 5 for incorrect grammar, spelling, punctuation, referencing, and essay composition

There is no need to use terms and concepts other than those presented in the Study Guide, text book and readings provided. Reference all terms and concepts.
There is no need to analyse every signifier, although you will need to engage with the text at the signifier level to show how signification takes place. Avoid simply listing signs and sign systems. Do not use material found on internet sites in your analysis. Draw only from the material provided in the course.

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