Technology Innovation Management Custom Essay

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This is a very easy group assignment and you will need to do only a small part. My part =). The assignment has already been started so you just have to continue with it. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED: 1) The Assignment instructions, this is an instruction of the whole project and even though you won’t do everything i would like you to read it, so you can understand what the assignment is about and what you have to do so you will have a clear idea. 2) The assignment proposal given to the teacher (in accordance to the assignment instructions we had to submit a proposal of the assignment, so it is done). You part needs to be consistent with this file, because the proposal is like a summary of the final assignment. 3) Also find attached part of the project report that has been done by the rest of the group. It is for you to continue and add you part. You parts are highlighted in green. Please be consistent with everything. INSTRUCTIONS: According to the assignment instructions file (attached), you will need to work with: 1) 3.0 development process overview (300 words Flow chart/diagram) read how to do this part, and follow the instruction given in the Assignment instructions file. 2) 4.2 voice of the customer – customer needs analysis. (300 words) read how to do this part, and follow the instruction given in the Assignment instructions file. 3) Quality function deployment (QFD) (200 words) you won’t need to do the figure, but do all the rest. Also read how to do this part, and follow the instruction given in the Assignment instructions file. SUGGESTION I will suggestion follow the instructions and do everything, as this is a group assignment I am very sure my group will check everything. I wouldn’t like to come over and make a revision for this. As it is very simple, has been started, and what you have to do is very well specified. IMPORTANT: The assignment will be submitted on Turnitin. So please DO NOT COPY ANY MATERIAL DIRECTLY FROM ANY SOURCE. The Turnitin system will detect direct copies from websites and other student’s papers. I am giving you my report, so please do not give it to another person, because my assignment needs to be submitted on turnitin.

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