Technologies and foster families

Detail: Exercise(1)
I. Briefly outline the research topic you have chosen for the purposes of this unit(Technologies and foster families).
What research strategy do you think you will employ? (survey, experiment,case study, ethnography,secondary data analysis, etc…)
II. Define the key concepts in your topic? outline how will you collect data on them?
III. Construct a research question for your study (you may have more than one, but not more
than four). Remember that a research question should:
be clear & focused
be answerable!
mention the outcome or phenomena you are interested in (dependent variable)
mention the factors you think are involved in explaining the phenomena (independent
tell something about the participants/sample in your study
IV. List the dependent and independent variables you are interested in. There should be only
one dependent variable and it is likely there are several independent variables.

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