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n: Your Project will consist primarily of a proposal and a major project. Your Proposal serves several purposes. It first enables you to demonstrate your competency in the Technical Writing domain. Last, it helps you organize your ideas for your project so you can complete the project as efficiently as possible. The proposal for your project will explain how you plan to approach and carry out your project. Your proposal will be evaluated on the necessary components and on the proficiency of your technical writing. The project will consist of a formal report in which you elaborate upon the components of your proposal and explain the actual development of your project. Your project will take one of the following four formats: intellectual product/service, physical product/service, event or activity, or system improvements or enhancements (see the “Project Format Descriptions” attachment below for further information and project examples). Note: Work performed on contract for a third party or for an employer is their property. You must obtain their permission to include the work. Task: Your proposal (suggested total length of 15–20 pages) will be a narrative description of your project that consists of the following components: A. Cover Sheet: Provide a cover sheet for your proposal that includes the following elements: a. Project name b. Your name c. Your degree program d. Your mentor’s name e. Signature block (A space for your mentor’s signature and your signature and the date. This will be signed by your mentor when the proposal has been approved.) B. Introduction (suggested length of 5–8 pages) 1. Provide a summary of your project. 2. Provide a review of what other work has been done in this area. 3. Provide a rationale and systems analysis for your project. C. Project Goals and Objectives (suggested length of 5–8 pages): Provide a precise list of the goals and objectives of your project. D. Project Deliverables (suggested length of 5–8 pages): Explain what types of deliverables your project will provide. (Your project will include some sort of formal report. It will likely also include a technical IT product and/or a user’s manual or other documentation.) E. Project Timeline with Milestones: Provide a projected timeline for your project with milestones. F. Demonstrated Competencies: Fill in the attached Competency Matrix to demonstrate which competencies are addressed in your project. In the explanation section: 1. Explain how your Capstone Project will demonstrate your competency in each of the following areas: a. Leadership and Professionalism b. Upper Division Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving c. Language and Communication d. Quantitative Literacy 2. Information Technology Competency: Explain how your Capstone Project will demonstrate technology competency in at least one of the following areas: • Software • Networks • IT Management • Project Management • Security • Databases Note: If you are enrolled in one of the emphasis area degree programs, you must demonstrate competency from your area of emphasis. (If you are enrolled in the BS IT Security Emphasis program, you must select competencies from the Security area, although competencies from other areas may be listed as well.) G. Technical Writing: Your paper should be clear and well-organized and should include proper references and in-text citations. 1. APA Format: Format your paper and all references in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Fifth Edition. This includes, but is not limited to, overall document and text formatting, citations and references, table of contents, heading, tables, figures, appendices, etc.

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