Task: Research proposal(for Dissertation) , Module Title: Management Enquiry and Research Methods , Level: MBA Master Level 7

Assessment task: Research proposal

Assessment briefing: there is a structure for a research proposal so you can organise your proposal. However, the research proposal should be in an essay style,build on the feedback from your draft /presentation and clearly refer to the elements in the following criteria.

1. Research need and problem. 10%
What is the original source of the research question?
Perceptive & imaginative relationship between research need justified in the light of existing empirical & theoretical knowledge. Research need critically understood as a potential research problem. Pragmatic, political & ethical limitations expressed paradigmatically. Insightful & imaginative grasp of research problem, need & question.

2.Formulating a suitable research question. (RQ) 20%
Why this research question and is it practical?
Very clearly formulated research question. Clear subject based focus. Excellent and convincing rationale. RQ challenging but feasible with potential, practical, political and ethical implications critically examined.

3.Research design: philosophy paradigms, methodology and methods. 40%
What is research and how is it done?
Research philosophy & research paradigm justified and appraised critically in the light of alternatives available as described in the literature on research. Proposed methods of gathering & interpreting data justified, their limitations recognised & appraised critically through a thorough understanding of the literature on management research.

4.Critical and coherent use of relevant theory. 30%
How persuasive is the argument?
Extensive and critical awareness of and grounding in theory. Convincing evidence of ability to analyse, evaluate and apply theory. RQ imaginatively & creatively argued using a variety sources. RQ extremely convincing within its subject area. Evidence of originality. Impressive use of information gathered to support argument. Critical awareness of strengths and limitations of complexity of RQ.Extensive & original use of literature and Harvard system used faultlessly.

The study must be clearly structured and presented.
The introduction must state an aim and explicitly identify the relevant arguments and areas to be addressed.
These areas, once identified must be followed up logically in the main body of the study.
There must be a firm conclusion of the areas discussed

The contents must clearly relate to the area of study, and the learning outcomes being tested, and demonstrate originality and creativity.
Knowledge and understanding must be applied to practice.

Areas must be clearly expressed, articulate and fluent.
Accurate spelling and grammar.

There should be a clear critical analysis and synthesis of issues, which are well integrated and evaluated, as appropriate.

The study must demonstrate an appropriate use of academic literature/research, which is appropriate to the study.

All key sources must be cited, and a consistent and accurate use of Harvard referencing system must be maintained.

Demonstrates clear understanding of the relevant theoretical concepts and principles.
Convincing, clear and concise analysis and use of relevant concepts and principles in the context of the information provided.
Demonstrates an ability to perform the tasks set as well as understands the basic underlying principles and concepts.
Evaluation of issues.
Effectiveness of problem solving.
Ability to present the required information in an acceptable format

An outstanding demonstration of having understood the relevant concepts and principles demonstrated together with an excellent/outstanding, clear and relevant analysis of and in applying concepts. Also, an outstanding ability to evaluate issues as well as present information in a standard/relevant

Word count or equivalent: 1800 words, maximum = 2,200 words)

An accurate word count must be given at the end of the research proposal.

More files is going to upload for more detail..

You need to give me first Daft for approval. For draft you need to give me first two things for approval.

1 – A clear and meaningful title for your proposal
Field: Strategic Marketing Management
Title: Managerial Judgement in Strategic Marketing: Some Preliminary Thoughts

1 – A well-structured Research Question(s) with any associated set(s) of Hypotheses

2 – a comprehensive account of your intended methodology ( ies).

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