Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club; Make a general comment about why this novel is important or for what feature it deserves praise

Having read the novel and carefully considered its structure, you will now write a paper that both describes the experience and presents your findings. To help yourself do that successfully, follow these steps:
Introduction: In a paragraph of three or four sentences, introduce the novel’s title, author, date, and type (mystery, romance, adventure, comedy, etc.). Make a general comment about why this novel is important or for what feature it deserves praise. Describe what a potential reader could expect to gain from it (and why he or she would want to read it).

Synopsis- In one or two paragraphs, describe the conflict, action, and resolution of the novel. Mention the characters as they appear, but focus on what “happens.” Include only the major events–those that move the story along.
Analysis- (3-4 paragraphs.) In one paragraph, describe the major characters and their major characteristics (strengths, attitudes, manner, etc.). In the next paragraph or two, discuss the significant literary elements of story that appear in the novel (check the title of each lesson of this course so you’ll remember to include each element). Devote another paragraph to the discussion of theme. Be sure to offer good evidence for your theme(s).
Response-In one or two paragraphs, discuss your experience with the novel. Be sure to include (but not limit your remarks to) these ideas: the level of credibility of the plot, your relationship to the characters, the impact of the tone and setting, the effect of the author’s style (including language, imagery, symbolism, irony), and the insights you have gained from the theme (What did the novel teach you about people or life?).
Conclusion- In your response, you explained how this novel has affected you and what you have learned from it. Now, end your paper with a concluding paragraph of three or four sentences that explains what the experience has taught you about literature (and modern fiction in particular). What do you know “now” that you didn’t know “then”?
When you finish your paper, edit it carefully; be sure it fulfills the requirements for each section of the assignment and that it clearly says what you mean. Then proofread it (or find someone who can better spot any errors you might have missed) and produce a final corrected version. Add a cover sheet with the title of the paper, your name, the course and section number, and the date. In your editing, be sure to compare your work with the rubric; it reiterates the requirements and shows you exactly how many points each part of the paper can earn.

Criteria Sheet – The Essay

This paper earns 100 points toward the final grade. Possible points for each item are shown in the parentheses.
Section of the Paper
Topics to be addressed in the Section
Points Possible
Type of Importance as literature
Value to the reader
Resolution of the novel
Literary Elements
Credibility of the plot
Development of characters
Impact of tone and setting
Effect of style
Thematic insights
Impact on understanding of literature is addressed
Major ideas are summarized
Title page
Appropriate vocabulary and style
Double spaced and typed
Free of errors in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and usage
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Summarizing Your Learning

Reflect on what you have learned in this lesson. Can you answer the following questions?

When writing a synopsis, what elements about a novel or piece of fiction should you include?
What are narrative techniques representative of in modern fiction?
How do characterization and the writer’s style underscore theme in modern fiction?
If you were unable to answer the above questions, review the lesson and textbook materials.

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