System Design and lifecycle

I would like to tell you that, I want you to do this work int powerPoint because I have presentation so please read both of the cases below and answer all of the question.

Read the following articles (click on the link) –
1) NHS Blunders (Dec 2010)
2) Derbyshire County Council IT Problems (Aug 2010)

Both cases demonstrated problems with Systems.
(i) List what data the systems can store, manage and process
(ii) Identify any lack of training and/or end user human process problems
(iii) Identify any automation or checks that could have been built into the system to prevent future problems


– I’m worry if my teacher ask me any question in this presentation, so please do all of these point below:

1- Include everything in the slides.

2- Do a good subheadings in the slides and put the main point when you do each slides.

3- Explain everything in more details about the the cases and the questions, but I want you to do that in (maicorsoft office word) and upload it as well.

– I want you to upload this work in 2 different things:

1- The slides that I should present.

2- Explained the slides that you did in more details, but I want you to do this in (maicorsoft office word)

– Please do your best in this work and give a good work in order to get a high mark in this presentation.

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