system analysis

the assigment is a presentation not a paper I need 10 slides.

Students are to prepare a presentation. This presentation will require the student identify and research an accident or incident in aviation or other forms of transportation, general industry, or a significant environmental incident for this project. Sources for consideration are the NTSB, OSHA, CSB, DOT and EPA. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the librarians. Students will prepare a brief overview of the incident for presentation to the class along with one of the System Safety Techniques discussed in class to provide an analysis of the incident. The presentation is to be 10-15 minutes in duration and include the following components:
Introduction and background of the case/incident
Conclusions from the investigation/review
Your insights and application a System Safety Analysis Technique
(IE. PHA, FMEA, FTA, Barrier Analysis, Fishbone, JSA, SHA, HHA, etc)

the book for the class you can find it in the link for help :

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