System Analysis and Modelling – Assignment Part 2

Case Study Assignment – Part 2
This is the second and ongoing component for your case study.
You should include part 1 (corrected as appropriate) to show your completed work that informs this second part of the study.
Assignment 2 should not exceed 5 or 6 pages. This page count does not include coversheet, diagrams, and your revised assignment part 1.
You may have as many pages of references as required to support your work.
Use the title page template (provided).
You might treat the list of required assignment components below as a check list.
Omitting one or more of them will have a negative effect on your assignment grades.
Consult the notes you have been taking during lectures and tutorials combined with the research you have been conducting each week to fully understand the lectures. You could also refer to your text book and the library.
1. Update Part 1 of the assignment as indicated in assignment feedback
Note your grader’s feedback about you first part of the case study and adjust to suit.
2. Add activities to event/response table.
This is also an addition to your assignment 1 submission
3. Develop a Context Diagram for your system
If you are not clear what a context diagram might be, then revisit the lecture slides from week 5 onwards.
4. Develop a Level 0 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) for your system (top level)
5. Develop lower level DFDs for the core components of your case
Level 1 and perhaps level 2 core components. This is your judgement call.
6. Design and develop a Data Dictionary for your core system to data elements level
7. Develop Process Specifications for the core components of your system
8. Develop an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for your system
At this stage, you are NOT required to attempt normalisation
9. All assumptions/answers to client questions by client representative (tutor or lecturer) must be documented.
Just as for the first part of your case study assignment.
10. List of references (Harvard style).
We are looking for evidence of research and reasoning.

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