sychological Issue

My team chose to do this on Social Psychology Theories and do it about Love. Write a 700- to 1,050-word action plan that addresses the issue presented in the scenario.Introduction (100 words) Explain how the team?s approach will solve the psychological issue presented according to the theory selected. (100)Apply behavioral, cognitive, and socialization strategies to help the clients cope with family relationships, peer interactions, aggression, social skills and academic difficulties. Use creative, critical, and probabilistic reasoning to solve the issue related to behavior and mental processes.******( this section will be divided into 3 parts)Behavioral strategy (150 words)Cognitive strategy (150 words) THIS IS MY PARTSocialization strategy (150 words)Conclusion (100 words) Organize, edit, submit ( this should be done with intro and conclusion) to be fair with division The amount of words is the min for the paper, if you go over we should be ok, we have 300 words to play with. ? Be sure to include at least three references from scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources ( make sure we all use a reference

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