Sustainable Management Futures

Adapted from The Guardian, 19th Jan 2012

Question 1 (you must answer both questions – 1.1 & 1.2).

1.1 Using your knowledge of the free markets perspective, examine the ethics and morality of ‘let capitalism rip’ allegation made by British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Guide: 750 words)

1.2 Evaluate the system using Milton Friedman’s and Norman Bowie’s neo-classical models of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Make recommendations on the way forward for a more ‘sustainable’ market economics. (Guide 750 words)

Note: – Word count for 1.1 and 1.2 together is 1500 maximum. Both parts carry equal marks – 25% each.

Question 2:

2. Using one of the following companies examine its CSR activities and behaviour in its home country as well as overseas. Evaluate its ethical and environmentally responsible behaviour by applying relevant ethical theories and sustainability models to date and make recommendations. (1500 words)

John Lewis plc
Marks & Spencer
News International

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