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Assignment 1a
Strathfield Health Centre (SHC) Case Study – Essential Requirements

1. Carefully read the Strathfield Health Centre (SHC) Case Study (see ‘HIT1401-5401 S1-2012 Strathfield Health Centre Case Study’ document in the Assessment Folder on Blackboard).

2. Your task is simple:
a. Analyse the interview transcript (see Strathfield Health Centre (SHC) Case Study) to determine the major functions and processes involved in the day-to-day operations of SHC.
b. Provide the SHC team with a complete process diagram (including the processes & sub processes needed to perform each function) based on the current processes/activities
c. Identify ‘anomalies’ in the business processes of SHC and propose a way to make the processes more efficient.
d. SHC regards its patients (and customers) and its quality of service to them as key to its survival in an increasingly competitive environment in Strathfield. Make sure your consultancy team include aspects of Customers Relationship Management (CRM) in your attempt to provide SHC with meaningful recommendations to improve its strategic positioning in the regional health industry.
e. It may not be apparent yet, but Dr Louis Lima indicates that she has a slight concern with regards to the activities/processes related to the inventory of and supply of the services and medical products for SHC. No one seems to have a very clear picture at the moment with regards to the provision of services (medical & insurance) and medical products for SHC and the effect of having inadequate or unreliable inventory management practices. By special request of Dr Lima, your consultancy team has been commissioned to involve an analysis of the general supply & inventory issues (including the processes) in a typical health centre environment.
f. In your attempt to address items a-e, think about the role and impact of IS/IT to innovate and/or to improve the processes further. Based on the findings, write a report for the senior management team at SHC (in this case, our contact in SHC is Dr Lima) on your proposal to increase the efficiency of SHC.

NOTES: do only part E.

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