1. Research Report, 2000 words (+ – 10%)

2. This 2000 words assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to review aspects of the design and management of the supply network in an organization of your choice (Mercedes Bens) Chick the summary.

3. With your chosen case, Describe and Critically Analyze a supply network and Discuss the likely areas of strength and weakness for that supply network

4. Based on key supply network challenges for businesses, propose appropriate solutions to the challenges you have identified.
5. Outcomes should include:
• identify relevant issues
• clarify problems
• discuss possible solutions
• demonstrate your understanding of major theories, models and tools

6. In the research report you will be expected to identify relevant supply network issues, identify and clarify problems and discuss possible solutions.

7. Make sure you use the summary which I upload to you to write the assignment

8. The summary is already done by your staff.

9. Make sure that you follow the summary to support and form the assignment

10. Make sure that you write very well assignment because I need to get high mark.

11. Make sure that also you use the lecher power point slides which can support you to write the assignment (not all, but only which you see that are suitable for the assignment to be very well

12. Make sure that you use all the summary’s references plus use other 7 references to be all 10 references

13. Make sure that you focus in the issue which already in the summary

14. Make sure when you use any information from the lecture slides, write beside the information from which week and which slide.

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