summary of uploaded articles and apa fromated table

For each article, write a summary of the article. Do not paraphrase the existing Abstract. Instead, use the information provided on p. 61 in Findlay () on how to write an Abstract.
Each abstract should be around 100-150 words (i.e., this section should be around 200-300 words).
3. Table
You are required to take the data below and present the information in an APA-formatted table with an appropriate title and caption.
In a study of 100 University students, data were collected on personality traits (extraversion and neuroticism) and amount of time spent using Facebook per day1. Scores on the extraversion and neuroticism measures were split into two groups, low scores and high scores, with 50 participants per group.
Mean time spent on Facebook Number of students
Males with Low Extraversion 29 (8) 22
Males with High Extraversion 26 (9) 28
Males with Low Neuroticism 32 (12) 33
Males with High Neuroticism 36 (13) 17
Females with High Neuroticism 47 (11) 33
Females with Low Neuroticism 41 (13) 17
Females with High Extraversion 26 (7) 22
Females with Low Extraversion 35 (7) 28
Note that the numbers in bold are the mean number of minutes spent on Facebook and the numbers in the brackets are the standard deviations. You only need to interpret means in your description.
You should describe the pattern of data in less than 100 words.
4. References
Prepare a single page APA format reference section with references to ALL of the sources

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