Summarize the main arguments in the article

Read the following article (you should have a copy of this)

Georgsdottir, A. S. & Getz, I. 2004, How flexibility facilitates innovation and ways to manage it is organizations, Creativity and Innovation Management, vol 13, no 3.

You are required to:
Summarize the main arguments in the article (200 words)

Based on the article above, answer the following questions in your OWN WORDS (do not quote from the article):

1. What is adaptive flexibility? (50 words) Give one example the authors cited to solve a problem? (20 words)

2. What is spontaneous flexibility? (50 words) What do the authors use to illustrate how spontaneous flexibility works? (20 words) What link does this have with creative thinking exercises undertaken by you in class at the beginning of semester? (20 words)

3. What can organizations do to improve innovation within a company to encourage the generation of innovative ideas? (50 words)

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