Student Banking Dissertation

The dissertation will contain 3 parts: the introduction which I wrote (see attachment); analysis of questionnaire (excel attachment), where you compare all factors related to student banking, you group customers on year of study, age, gender, chosen bank basis, etc; and conclusion. Thus, you need to write 2 parts, analysis of questionnaire and conclusion.

Make sure that you use as much as you can sources including books and databases. However, do not forget that analysis of the questionnaire cannot be copied from the book.


Final Projects will be expected to meet the following criteria which will be used in the assessment process. The research report will:

 Identify a relevant and appropriate topic area in financial services and frame a research problem/ issue

 Critically review and synthesise existing literature in the area so as to situate the problem/topic within a theoretical /practical context.

 Present a research strategy and use data sources and evidence to investigate the problem/issue and support central arguments/ideas.

 Derive and present a coherent set of recommendations/ conclusions

If you have any questions, please ask. This work is highly important for me.

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