structure materials and fire Part 2

check the uploaded file please if something in the criteria is not clear just to ensure everything is fine

Part 2 “ Structures & design

Part 2 of the portfolio should address the following:

o Structural engineering principles

– Basic principles & calculations

· What is second moment of area?

· What is a bending moment?

· What is shear force?

· Provide bending moment and shear force calculations/diagrams .

· Provide compressive/tensile force calculations & diagrams for truss systems

– Design methods

· Briefly explain the difference between Limit State Design and Permissible Stress Design.

· What types of loads need to be considered and why are load factors used? Give common examples of load combinations used for design.

· Why are material factors used and why do they vary for different materials?
o Building Construction

– Describe, compare and contrast steel framed, concrete framed and timber framed construction. Provide diagrams/figures and examples.

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