Stressors for Students/Causes Of Them

a) Define your topic and discuss its exigency. In other words, what is the topic and why is it important? Why is there a need for communication on this topic?
b) Describe the audiences who care or should care about the topic. Who needs, wants, or should know about the topic? How are those audiences related to the topic? Why do they care? What might they already know about the topic? What might they need to know?
c) Discuss how you might serve those audiences (your purpose). Why would you write to them? What will you do for them? What do you want from them?
d) Suggest the kinds of documents you might prepare for the final project. Where might you look for models of such documents?
e) Discuss aspects of the topic or related topics that you might need to research. What kinds of evidence might you need? What kind of resources might you need to draw from?
f) Anticipate any problems that might arise with the topic.

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