Strategy Paper

This assignment requires students to research a specific health promotion strategy in detail.
the strategy for this assignment is Health Education.
The focus of this paper is on Health Education strategy. Students should define and describe the selected strategy and how it can be used through at least one example of how the strategy could be (or has been) applied in health development or health promotion practice. The emphasis of this paper is on demonstrating understanding of the strategy and not the example or the case study. Students should identify the theoretical origins of the strategy and demonstrate their knowledge of its application.
Format : The written paper should provide a clear introduction, section headings, and clearly marked discussion and conclusion sections. This assignment should take the form of a more traditional essay rather than the report format.
Assessment Criteria:
– Organization, structure and clarity of the paper (15% weighting);
-Identification of an appropriate health promotion/development strategy from those listed under Purpose (10% weighting);
-Demonstrated understanding of the strategy and how it is used to achieve health promotion/development outcomes (30% weighting); -Discussion of at least one relevant example of the application of the strategy (30 % weighting);
-and Uniform use of standard referencing conventions (15 % weighting).

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