Strategy development in relation to a selected CnP enterprise.

Assignment 2

Strategy development in relation to a selected CnP enterprise.

Many construction organisations are faced with short-term and long-term customer satisfaction problems. The solution to this problem will require development and implementation of a particular strategy which is influenced by what is happening in the surrounding business environment.

Your task:

Select an CnP enterprise that you can gain access to or know well;
Identify what they are doing in terms of customer satisfaction;
Discuss the strategy chosen as the problem resolution method; and,
Prepare a report which discusses the appropriateness of this strategy

The report should be 2000 words and informs the reader of the nature of the business, the sector of the industry within which the company operates, the nature of their customer satisfaction problem, and the solution strategy.

Your report will have a skeletal framework as outlined below and the content will be yours:

Your report should follow the guidelines below:


a) an introduction,
b) an analysis of the business problem and its environment,
d) discussion on the company’s approach
e) your conclusions,
f) structure, presentation, references/bibliography.

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