Identify an operational issue or problem that needs to be addressed within an organisation (based on the key 5 main performance issues COST,QUALITY,PRODUCTIVITY,OUTPUT,FLEXIBILTY)

a.Describe the type of and problem breifly
b.Describe background of issue and how it fits into the operation of the business.Its impact on the business via process flow chart
c.Provide details of operational issue,problem or issue
(may incld.key objectives,oportunities / implications, restraints,tech or manpower issues)
d.Analyse the issue / issues using above 5 performance criteria, describe potential improvements, changes to performance etc
e. breif recommendations for improving process compared to current system, details of changes needed, action plan, relevant time frame,potential improvement in cost,quality,output, productivity etc

PRIMARY SOURCE IS; OPERATIONS AND PROCESS MANAGMENT (2ND ED.)Principals and practice for strategic impact
Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnstone, Alan Betts

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