Strategic Management in CnP Enterprises

Strategic Management in CnP Enterprises

Assignment 1

Business Environment Analysis in relation to a selected CnP enterprise.

It may be argued that the business environment surrounding the construction industry, and its myriad of players, is dynamic and constantly changing. Organisations operating within the industry are required to be fully aware of what is happening in their business environment and understand the impact of relevant events.

Your task:
As part of the ongoing strategy development process, your Managing Director (MD) wishes you to develop and deliver a discussion document (of between 1500 and 2000 words) which informs the MD of the nature of several of the key business drivers surrounding and affecting the company’s sector of the industry. Additionally, you should discuss the influence of two (2) of these drivers upon the business.

Your report should follow the guidelines below:


a) an introduction, 5
b) an analysis of the relevant business environment, 30
d) discussion on the influence of each key driver identified 30
e) your conclusions, 25
f) structure, presentation, references/bibliography. 10

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