Strategic Analysis Report on a company – 3000 Word Report

Details of task:
Write a strategic analysis report on a company. You can choose any company to write about in this report. Before selecting a company for this assignment, please ensure that the information that you use is available in the public domain. Your prescribed textbook has cases written on a large number of companies. You can choose one of them and collect additional information about it. Electronic databases available through the Monash University Library will be an invaluable source for writing this report. The most important sources of information are company annual reports, reports published by government and consulting agencies, news items published in newspapers, TV channels and in many other electronic media.

Report should consider the following:

1. Analysis of the external environment: This should include discussion of the Porter s five forces, and any other relevant factors.
2. Analysis of the internal environment: This should include the identification of core competencies, competitive advantages, the firm s strengths and weaknesses, issues of sustainability of competitive advantage etc.
3. Identification and critical analysis of the corporate and business strategies of the company. Your report should take into account the international dimension of strategy as well.
4. You should assess the performances of the strategies and identify the factors that contributed to their success or failure.
5. Ethical analysis of company strategies
6. Recommendations for the organisation s future strategic development, based on your analysis. In order to make your recommendations, you should identify any issues that will be of importance to the short, medium and long-term success of the organisation.
7. Include a word count.


Your main aim in this report is to show your reader that you can conduct research, collect information from a range of sources, subject these data to critical analysis and analyse them in terms of strategic management theories and concepts you are studying.
Analysis is an important part of a report and you must subject the real world information that you collect to analysis. One of the most important tools to analyse such information are the concepts you have learnt throughout this unit.
Although this is a report based on the real world, you are still required to use academic sources including the textbook and journal articles as well as use academic citation and referencing conventions.
Refer to the marker s feedback sheet for guidance on how your reader will be assessing your response to the second assignment.
In formatting your report, consult the Student Q Manual which provides an outline of report writing in chapter 7.
Include word count on title page.

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