Strabucks in Switzerland

The issues they will face when they decided to enter in Switzerland in 2001-2.
(You need to put what’s in bullet points in a well organize writing. and research more on each one to add accurate details.)

1. Switzerland has a well established coffee consumption culture. The average rate in 2001 was 3 cups/ day. It is the fifth country Coffee culture
1. Because they have traditional coffee shops
2. Switzerland is home to the international headquarters of the world’s largest coffee manufacturer–Nestle and one of the most prestigious coffee machine manufactures Jura –
3. They are looking for the better quality and not the experience.
1. The Swiss are a quality-conscious people, and they treat coffee in the same respectful manner. Unlike the U.S., where coffee is often considered a quick and cheap drink to keep energised
2. Starbucks might not have an established reputation for social responsibility (fair trade)
3. The selection of the joint-venture partner
4. Anti-globalization consciousness (Pro-Laedli Movement)
5. Strong Swiss labour regulations (favorable to the employee)
6. Strong competition from traditional coffee shops, bakeries, chain stores.
7. Pricing strategy implying brand perception and access
8. Communication strategy relying solely on Word-of-Mouth
9. Preference for domestic products and culture
10. Store locations

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