STI and HIV in developing nations

Choose 1 of 4 countries: India, Uganda, Russia or Papua New Guinea.

Part 1
Outline what is know of the current situation in relation to the epidemiology of STI and HIV and who carries the burden of disease in the country of choice.

Part 2
You have a generous budget for use in a non-government organization in your country of choice. On the basis of your knowledge of the epidemiology of STI and HIV, the relevant biomedical features of infections and who carries the burden of disease, decide on priorities and programs for expenditure in the prevention of STI and HIV in this country.

What STI and HIV priorities would you target and why?
Remember to outline programs you would implement.
What population groups would you target and why?
Bear in mind cultural contexts in the country you have chosen.

Marking criteria
Topic and purpose of the paper are clearly defined in the introduction (250 words)
Idea development is logical and orderly presenting a cohesive argument.
Demonstrate a clear understanding of existing knowledge on the topic.
Evidence is supported with referenced citations utilizing resources such as WHO (, UNICEF, peer reviewed journals or published texts.
Rational and succinct conclusion (250 words).

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