Statement of purpose paper

need a statement purpose paper for my Masters/PHD seamless admission for my nursing program. My area of concentration is Family nurse practitioner. In this respect, I would like a statement of purpose which is very concise explaining the reason why i have chosen this career path and what i intend to do with the degree. MY background: I am a BSN order with 6 years experience in medical surgical, psyche 2 years combined. Home health 2 years and 2 years in home Infusion working with busy pharmacy in my town. this experience need to be inter woven in the essay. state my need to go and work in the undeserved area since i like leaving in the low populated areas which are also undeserved. the statement of purpose paper need to be 2 pages 550 words, it can be 2.25 and citation page using APA formart. since i do not know the writers u have and i have never used u before. am not gonna criticize that i don?t want Chinese, American, European or whatever. i believe in giving chance to all people. the quality of work, strong material content progression or the flow of paper, and grammar will be a gr8 determinant of whom to use in the future.

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