spss on Taxes on personal income

You are to explain the purpose of the dataset and why you have chosen it.

You are to include Explanation of the meaning of the variables of the dataset and why they are important

Summarise them in graphical and numerical forms.

Include statistical analysis on the data in order to explore it, to describe relationships within it and to make inferences, possibly hypotheses from it.

Explain any limitations of the data ie if you had more time what extra data would you have included or required?

You should refer to any sources of information that you use following the Harvard system, a copy of the guidelines to which are on the module Blackboard site.

Marks are awarded:

Assessment Criteria:

20% Choice and Explanation of dataset

35% Appropriate Statistical Analysis of Dataset

20% Interpretation of the Statistical Analyses

10% Limitations of the Dataset

5% Use of Citations and references

10% Presentation of Report



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