Sports Marketing; Define sports marketing and discuss how sports marketing is related to the entertainment industry

This is coursework, 10 essay type questions about sports marketingBUOL 434, Sports Marketing

1. Define sports marketing and discuss how sports marketing is related to the entertainment industry.
2. Discuss the simplified model of the consumer“supplier relationship as it relates to your favorite professional sport.
3. The first step in the strategic sports marketing process is planning. Discuss how Major League Baseball would apply this process (the planning step) to increase the number of European fans.
4. List the two different types of competition for the sports industry and discuss how these would affect your favorite NFL team.
5. Your boss at USA Sports Marketing Group has asked you to prepare a brief questionnaire (no more than eight questions) to determine the attitudes toward the WNBA. List the steps in preparing a questionnaire, and then write a questionnaire.
6. (a) Define participant consumption behavior and briefly describe why sports marketers would need to understand this type of behavior. (b) Then, using the model of participant consumption behavior, describe the internal/psychological factors as they relate to a participant in a competitive adult soccer league.
7. In the United States, one of the greatest influences (primary reference group) on an individual is his/her family. Briefly describe what type of influence a family might exert on a male/female member to play a certain sport.
8. Explain how the diversion from everyday life factor for fan attendance could be associated with your favorite NCAA basketball team.
9. Discuss the model of sportscape and describe why it is important to sports marketers. How could your favorite MLB team apply the sportscape model?

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