Speech Communication Custom Essay

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The answers to these questions, come from the book. You can find the book online at this website http://www.barnesandnoble.com/nookstudy/redeem/ . It is the speech communication online text book. You must download it to your computer. It can only be downloaded to one computer, here is the access code if you need it Access Code: 799SZTTMPU8H7 Read the corresponding chapters, and answer the following questions in essay form. Each question must be a minimum of ten sentences long. Chapter 5 1. What does the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis have to do with language and perception? Do you agree or disagree with their hypothesis? Explain. 2. What is the relationship between the language you speak and the way your perceive reality? Chapter 6 1. Explain how our cultural spaces affect our identities. Chapter 7 1. What are some examples of high culture? Of low culture? What determines the category? Chapter 8 1. List and discuss the three characteristics of Intercultural conflict. 2. Explain the four Intercultural Conflict Styles. Do you personally handle conflict in any of these styles? Explain and give an example. Chapter 9 1. Choose and explain three of the five Challenges in Intercultural Relationships. 2. How area gay relationships different from and similar to heterosexual relationships? Chapter 10 1. Discuss the three Social Norms and Expectations between tourists and hosts. Where/when have you experienced one of them? Chapter 11 1. What did the authors mean when they said, “To have good intercultural business communication, people need to slow down and sneak up on information†?

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