Southwest Airlines custom essay

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This is a paper that needs to talk about SOUTHWEST airlines. The number of pages required paper, excluding the cover and the

1. A minimum of 9 double spaced pages (excluding cover page, outline, works cited page, and any appendixes).
2. A Cover Page with team members’ names, class number, title, and instructor’s name.
3. Project Outline or Table of Contents
4. Include appropriate references (APA format) in the report.
5. Works Cited Page.
7. Introduction (Overview of the company and its industry)
8. Conclusion (Closing remarks based on the analysis conducted in the report)

A. Company Introduction and Industry Overview (Chapter 1 and 2):
Discuss the company’s strategic positioning in the industry from a production and operations management perspective. To what extent is the operations department involved in the overall strategic direction? What type of strategy is the company pursuing (e.g. low-cost leadership, differentiation strategy)? What is the pricing and cost structure of its products/services? Is the company competitive? What are the main characteristics of its direct competitors?

B. Management of Quality and Quality Control (Chapters 9 and 10):
Discuss the importance of quality and quality assurance to your organization including the methods and techniques used for controlling quality. Discuss the dimensions of quality (pg. 403) as they pertain to your organization. Is the company actively pursuing quality excellence? What is the role of management in pursuing quality excellence? What role does the customer have in quality excellence? Does the company value employees’ and partners’ opinions? What are the benefits and costs associated with an increase focus on quality? Has the organization experienced any deficiency issues in product/service quality? If yes, has the organization been able to correct these quality problems? Can you make any recommendations that in your opinion may improve product/service quality?

C. Conclusion:
Provide some closing remarks about the analysis you have conducted in your report. You may also provide a summary of your major findings. Is the organization achieving its main production and operations management goals? What changes do you foresee in the organization’s competitive environment as a result of current and future production and operations management practices?

Again this is for a important Management production class, and i have picked Southwest Airlines as the company. any questions do not hesitate.

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