In this assignment should focus for these aspects : is required to submit a written review of a refereed academic journal article published in
the last five (5) years that discusses any aspect of industrial relations focusing on the state and/or management, and/or employee workplace representation (e.g. trade unions).

Students need to self-selected a refereed article meeting the above characteristics, read the article and consider its structure, written expression, argument, and conclusions. In doing so you need to reflect on the strength and weaknesses of the article, and consider what advice would you give to the authors to improve the overall quality of the article.
The submitted review of the selected article must show the following information:

The article must have been published in a refereed (peer reviewed) journal.
Evidence that the article has been refereed must be shown.
The name of the journal is to be identified.
The title of the article is to be identified.
The name of the author or co-authors is to be shown.
The journal edition/volume is to be shown, plus the page number of the article (e.g. pp. 23-35)
Your review must comment on and/or answer the following items:
1. Does the title clearly and succinctly reflect the content of the article?
2. Does the abstract fully summarise the article s arguments and key findings?
3. If the article is based on empirical research data, are the research methods used adequately explained?

4. If the article is more theoretically-oriented (i.e. not based on new research data), does the
article challenge or support existing theory?
5. If the article is speculative in nature (i.e. what might happen in the future), what is the reason
for the speculation?
6. What advice would you give to the author(s) to improve the quality of the article?
7. Summarise how the article added to your understanding of industrial relations issues, and why.?

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