Sony Corporation – Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain

Part A
1. In this part should cover (300 words count)
2. Define the current strategy of Sony
3. Simple explanation about Sony Corporation History determination from the Sony Case.
Part B
1. In this part should cover (1000 words count)
2. Critically justify your argument
3. Evaluate this Current strategy adopted by Sony based on to regain lost market share. By using as reference ( C. Markides theory, to achieve The competitive advantage which reference to Penrose and Barny theories , Learning curve and experience curve , Add Value to Sony Products’ , and Scale of Economic and Scope of economic) determinate example from the Sony Case.
4. Discuss the obstacles by C. Markides theory of Sony Corporation face obstacles with strategic innovation as established company?
5. Sony Corporation must institutionalize questions attitudes and create “positive crisis”. Determine from the Sony Case.
To do this the following questions must be asked and answered:
A. Who is going to be the customer?
B. What products or services should we offer to the chosen customer?
C. How can we offer these products or services in a cost efficient way?

6. Identifies gaps in industry positing, goes after Sony, and the gaps grow to become the new mass market determination from the Sony Case.

7. Discuss Two interrelated approaches of Sony Corporation by :
A. Monitoring strategic health
B. Creating Positive Crises and this process consists of three steps:

• Is the Sony Corporation explain and communicate its objectives to employees for commitment?
• Is the Objective of Sony Corporation has realistic and achievable?
• Is the Sony Corporation employee’s move from rational acceptance to emotional commitment?

8. Discuss and contrast the challenges faced by Sony Corporation when trying to innovate.

Part C

1. In this part should cover (1000 words word count)
2. Critically, discuss the feasibility of applying Porter’s diamond model on Sony case.
3. Explain how Porter’s ‘Diamond of National Advantage’ can influence innovation by Sony Corporation within a nation.
4. Discuss the implications of your analysis for policy making by national governments on Sony case and out websites which cover all of ;
A. Factor Conditions
B. Demand Conditions
C. Related and Supporting Industries
D. Firm strategy, structure and rivalry
E. The role of government to support the diamonds , must cover :
? Focus on specialized factor creation
? Avoid intervention in factor and currency market
? Enforce strict product, safety and environmental standards
? Limit direct cooperation among industry rivals
? Promote goals that lead to sustained investment
? Deregulate competition
? Enforce strong domestic antirust policies
? Reject managed trade.

F. The role of –Sony-company policy to support diamonds, must cover:

? Create pressure for innovation:
? Seek out the most capable competitors as motivators
? Establish early-warning systems
? Improve the national diamond
? Welcome domestic rivalry
? Globalize a tap selective advantage in other nations
? Use alliance only selectively
? Locate the home base to support competitive advantage.

G. The role of the leadership

* Harvard Style Referencing : (in-text referencing plus list of references at the end).

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