Sonnet Research Paper Custom Essay

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Paper Instructions

This paper will be on the sonnet and its development in English literarure. The sonnet began in Italy and was later imported into England. For a while it survived in England essentially in its Italianate form; however, it was not long before England turned it into its own form. The paper of 7 to 8 pages plus the works cited, should cover the development of the sonnet. You may choose to contrast it to the Italian sonnet and show how it became English and who were primarily responsible for it. You may want to focus mainly on the English authors as they developed it and the uses to which they put it. Or, you may have another approach to the English sonnet.
The paper should have at least 6 sources other than the sonnets themselves. Cliff notes and other such publications, Poetry for Students, and other collections of sections of critical writings, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the like are NOT research tools and do not count as any of the 6 sources. Documentation is to be MLA as is the format. Be sure you have a clear thesis so that the paper will hold together.

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