solid edge

3D CAD Model
Produce a 3D CAD model of your product design. This model will be a full 3D
representation of the most developed concept and as such it is expected that it will
address all of the issues outlined above.
The final submission must include the following:
1. An Individual 3D CAD model for each component part.
2. An assembly model of the completed product with all of the individual
component parts inserted and constrained in their respective positions.
3. An STL data file for each individual component that will be manufactured on
the 3D printer.
Submit all the required CAD data on a CD. This may be additionally accompanied by
hardcopy prints.

Design Documentation
Produce a concise report that details the design as a viable product. This document
is to include the following elements:
1. A descriptive statement describing the enhanced product functions with
particular emphasis on the added value of the redesign.
2. A brief user focused explanation for product use, assembly and maintenance.
3. A 2D assembly drawing with a BOM identifying part numbers, quantities and
materials to be used.
4. A Set of drawings with key dimensions on the appropriate orthographic views
for each of the individual component parts.

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