About me i am Obaid a staff nurse in operation theatre in Kuwait but now i study master degree in United Kingdom. Part of rationale In Kuwait we use standard saline gauze for diabetic foot ulcer so i found SODIUM CARBOXYL-METHYL-CELLULOSE DRESSINGS better for patient care benefit.

Part One ? Written assignment, 3000 words (70%)

Following discussion with tutors the course participant will select an agreed topic and carry out a systematic search of relevant research papers using a range of resources.
(Mention for example, that you search through CINHAL, MIDLINE AND SCHOLAR and how did you do the search AND discuss the hierarchy of the evidence and justify my uploaded article. And mention that you have excluded some of studies because of hierarchy.)

The first section of your assignment should provide a brief background and rationale for the selection of this topic area, describe and demonstrate the search process and critically analyse your approach. On submission, you are required to attach your search strategies to demonstrate practical understanding and application of literature searching techniques.
Marks allocated to this component ? 30%

For the second section of the assignment, one research paper (I will upload the article and use CASP=CRITICAL APPRAISAL SKILLS PROGRAMME TO DO IT you find casp in CASP-UK) from the literature search should be selected and critically analysed within the context of the current political and healthcare environment. A constructive appraisal of the paper, justified by reference to relevant literature should be presented. A copy of the research paper should also be included in your submitted work.
Marks allocated to this component ? 40%

The assignment must be word-processed and within the word limit set above. The Harvard system of referencing should be used throughout the text, following University guidelines
Other comments
Use APA 6TH for the references.
Use these books (essentials of nursing research authors Denise f and Cheryl Tatano 6th edition and other book understanding nursing research using research in Evidence-Based Practice for Authors Cherie R, Carolyn J, Carol L, and Susan MC if possible and others used journals please.

Assessment Criteria/ strategy

In both the written assessment you should ensure and demonstrate the following:

 Evidence of reading from a variety of relevant sources.

 Understanding of the application to your own area of practice

 Accurate use of references throughout text and reference section

 Accuracy in the interpretation of material presented

 Innovation in interpretation

 Analytical comment and synthesis of ideas

 Critical evaluation and discussion of the research evidence

 A logical flow to content

 Clarity

Component of the assessment will be marked according to the level M (7) grade descriptors (see below). To aid students in the literature search component of the assessment, the requirements at this level have been applied to the level M descriptors and are also set out below.

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