Social Work – Community Work

You are required to analyse a current or recently completed social action campaign. “Recent” implies that information is accessible, that people such as organizers and other people involved with the campaign can be interviewed, and the campaign is not so long ago that they will have forgotten key details. Must not be longer than two years ago.

This campaign should be in a human service-related field. Campaigns involving environmental issues such as Blue Wedges qualify.

In analysing the campaign, please address the following questions:

1) Describe the process of the campaign from beginning to end (or its current point if it is still occurring), and the resources available and /or resources needed – approx 20% of mark;
2) Describe and analyse the tactics and strategies being used. This should include Bargaining and Negotiation Tactics, Strategies and skills. (SEE WEEK 11 READINGS)
3) The community work ideology/es employed in the campaign and any associated community conflicts. (SEE WEEK THREE READINGS FOR REFERENCING) OR outline any ethical issues you perceive in the campaign/project, and present your views on how appropriately they were handled (e.g. Save Albert Park’s Non-Violent Code of Conduct or tensions/conflicts in the relationship between the community worker and local leadership) SEE WEEK TEN READINGS) – Do not write on both ideology and ethics, only one or the other – about 20% of mark;
4) On the basis of the above, present and justify your views on how successful the campaign is or has been, both in the way it has been handled and with regard to its achievement/s – approx 20% of mark (SEE WEEK 12 READINGS).

Ensure that you devote the majority of your assignment to analysis and interpretation. Confine your descriptive material to a minimum – just enough to form a basis for the analysis and discussion of your chosen community action campaign.

It is expected that Part Two to be the longest section. You will be marked on your ability to provide a balanced blending of theoretical frameworks and the specifics of the campaign. Students who have undertaken interviews will be acknowledged, as will those who refer to evaluative frameworks in their conclusion.

This essay should blend theory and practice. You will find most of the theory in the core recommended readings (outlined below).

Common errors:
1. Confusing the issue with the campaign. For example, some students will write what a good thing feminism or abortion is, rather than analysing the actual community campaign. Please dont confuse this subject with social policy.
2. Confusing community work with group work or other forms of therapy or casework.
3. Failing to answer all sections of the question. A formal mark will be given for each sub-section.

What the marker is looking for:
1) Process
approx 20% of mark. I’m interested in a brief discussion of the chronology, and major activities and objectives of the campaign. Point form or tables is fine.
2) Tactics and strategies
approx 40% of mark. Should be the longest section. I’m interested in a blending of theory and practice. What did the campaign do, and how did it do it. Did the campaign use collaboration, competition, or contest? Plus a lengthy discussion on the various strategies used. For example, Save Albert Park will probably talk about the various forms of protest such as rallies, vigils, symbols, media work, sub-committees. Can also use the Rothman model.
3) Community Work Idealogies
About 20% of the mark. Again, not just a listing of ideolgies, but how they impacted on the campaign and the strategies used. Some blending of theory and practice. Feminism and environmental themes are likely to be prevalent here.
4) Evaluation
Approx 20% of mark. Some discussion of how effective the campaign has been in meeting its original objectives.

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