Social Policy Analys Child Abuse, Neglect and Domestic Violence

Section I: Identify a current policy that addresses the social problem you have selected. Include a
brief description of the existing values and ideologies reflected by the policy.
Section II:
• What are the objectives and goals of the policy?
• Describe the programs and/or services provided by this policy.
• Describe the eligibility rules.
• Describe the service delivery systems.
• Describe the financing structure of the policy.
Section III: Identify at least 3 indicators of positive outcomes and 3 indicators of negative
outcomes of the policy as it responds to the social problem it addresses. Support your arguments
with references from the literature.
Conclusion: Include YOUR critique of the effectiveness of the policy and the role of the social
work profession. In your discussion, also consider the human rights of the population affected by
the social problem.

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