Situation Analysis

5b.3 Situation Analysis
The situation analysis is designed to enable you to conduct a situation analysis of an industry sector, an important aspect of analysing both the uncontrollable environment and target markets to prepare a marketing audit or a marketing plan. This is a skill that will be required in many jobs that you may have after graduation. The task will also provide you with generic skills in research, report writing and critical analysis of information.
quired: Provide a minimum 3 pages, maximum 4 pages plus references (12 point, single space) overview of one of the following industry sectors:
The healthy food industry in Australia. Healthy foods include organic foods, GM free foods, low-fat foods, sugar-free foods for example.
The cosmetics industry in Australia. Cosmetics is generally defined (Australian Government NICNAS) as a substance or preparation intended for placement in contact with any external part of the human body, including the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, and the teeth, with a view to:
altering the odours of the body; or
changing its appearance; or
. cleansing it; or
. maintaining it in good condition; or
perfuming it; or
vi. protecting it.
If needed, use appendices to provide more information like tables and graphs but do not exceed the limit of 4 pages for your body of text. Note that you must explain in your text what the purpose of the attached appendices are. They must not be included without proper explanation.
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ou need to cover the following areas in your report:

size of the total industry
number of competitors, size, location, turnover, production, sales, employment

factors of the uncontrollable environment that impact on the industry
major competitors (market shares, importers, local production, position of company in comparison to competitors)
trends in the industry (government policy, technological developments, major price points )
consumer behaviour trends (trends in purchasing/trends in behaviour patterns, changes in preferences, trends in distribution)
target markets ( size, composition, characteristics, how can the market be segmented? What are the segmentation variables?)
o other factors that impact on the industry.
Your situation analysis will, together with analyses from other team members, later be used to help develop a marketing plan (see 5b.4 below).
ou will be marked on the following criteria:

the extent and quality of your research “ the quantity, variety and quality of sources used (e.g. ABS, government websites, newspaper articles, magazine articles, reports from consultant groups like KPMG, PWC, government reports, industry lobby groups, data bases like MINT). Generic links will be provided on Moodle but you will have to undertake your own online research as well. You also will be given instructions on how to use the MINT data base. Using Wikipedia or the company s website as the major source of information is not considered appropriate for University study.

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