Situated Learning Theory

Please be informed that the unit for this paper is Issues in Learning with ICT. This unit explores how ICT can be used effectively in the learning process. Issues that arise when ICT is used in learning are examined. Students are required to analyse ICT use in the workplace relevant to their profession and to justify their use of ICT in the light of recent research.

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In this task, I ve chosen to write about Situated Learning Theory, and I ll attach to this order some articles and links about this theory for you to gain a deep understanding.

Type and Purpose:

This task requires research on the Situated Learning Theory and elearning tools. Having knowledge of the Situated Learning Theory, it is then time to investigate various elearning tools and consider ways that they could be used that are consistent with the Situated Learning Theory. It is important to justify the tools and methods of using them in the context of issues in your workplace and the theories to support this change.


Read as widely as possible on the Situated Learning Theory in the literature. To gain a deeper understanding of this theory and the implications in elearning environments there are several websites provided. You will also find a variety of information on the Internet. It is also suggested that you gain access to articles from the many computing journals and conference proceedings on Computers/Information Technology in Education. These readings raise a number of pedagogical issues that we as educators should be concerned about.


From your reading and professional experience, clearly identify how you consider ICT, and specifically elearning, could be used to enhance learning in your organisation. To answer this question you will need to choose a learning theory (The Situated Learning Theory) and relate specific elearning tools to this theory. State briefly and justify the tools you would use for the aspect of change in your workplace. At all times your discussion should be supported by appropriate research and personal experience.

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