Short analytical paper on “The Monkey’s Paw”

Choose one of the narrative texts that are Required Reading or Required Viewing for week 3 or week 4 of this course. The texts you can choose from are Night-Sea Journey, The Road Not Taken, The Monkey s Paw, To a Skylark, and Ten Canoes. Write a 1000-word analysis of how the text you have chosen works as narrative. In your analysis, answer the following questions.
· What elements of a narrative are evident in the text you have chosen?
· For each text, what types of language or visual elements does the text use to convey the narrative,
construct characters, and suggest a theme or themes?
· To what extent does each text leave some of the narrative open to the reader or viewer s
interpretation? Where in the text is this evident? To support your analysis, refer to specific examples in the texts you have chosen.
Your analysis should present your informed opinion, reflecting that you have read ALL of the Required Reading. Your analysis should be in paragraphs, like a short essay, except the introduction and conclusion should be only brief (1-2 sentences).

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