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You are free to write your research paper on the same topic as your group presented on, or you may write on any topic of your own choosing, so long as you address this topic primarily in terms of its effects on/relationship to/significance vis a vis gender, race, class, and sexuality (you must address the topic in relationship to two categories of difference). For instance, you might do a paper in which you analyze some aspect of pop culture or some specific movie/show and critique the messages it conveys about gender/race/class/sexuality and whether it challenges or reinforces norms. Or, you might do an analysis of a current event or social issue in terms of the way gender/race/class/sexuality gets played out. For instance, you might write a paper on why gays of color are not invested in the struggle for gay marriage (topic not thesis). You will need to be sure to narrow your topic sufficiently so that you will be able to say something worthwhile and not just graze the surface of an issue.

• Your paper should be 5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced and include a “Works Cited” page (not included in page count).
• This assignment requires that you use, engage with, develop, and/or respond to 2-3 course readings in your paper. This requires more than simply throwing in a quote or sentence referencing one of the essays we read. At least one of the course readings/ideas from the reading should be dealt with in more depth and have a paragraph devoted to discussing it. Keep in mind, however, that your grade will be based on how well you understand the ideas and are able to use them effectively in your own argument and not on how much time you spend referring to the reading/explaining it. I’m more interested in what you are able to do with the course ideas – how you put them to use. Your paper should include at least 1 direct quote from each course reading you are working with (or a quote from each reading). Maximum credit for 3 course readings
• In addition, you are required to use 3-4 outside sources in your paper. In all, you need at least 6 sources listed on your Works Cited page. Your use of outside sources should be adding value to your paper; extra credit for using challenging outside sources (academic journal articles/other queer theorists). Research should be properly cited within the body of your paper and sources should be properly listed on your Works Cited page (use MLA or APA format).
• Your paper must have a thesis – a debatable claim that requires support. In other words, you are writing an argumentative paper and not simply presenting information.
• Be sure to title your paper. A separate cover page is not necessary.

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