Setting Up a Network at Home

Describe and/or illustrate your existing or desired network. Include the computers and peripherals that are part of your existing or desired network. Who uses computing devices in your home? How many computers (notebooks and desktops) are currently in your home? Are the computers networked? If not, should they be networked? What advantages would you see if you networked the computers? Any potential disadvantages? Which computer peripheral devices does your family own? Which family members need to use which peripherals? Are the peripherals network-ready, or are they connected to individual computers? How easy is it to share these peripherals? How would you connect new peripherals to your device? Does your home network have network-attached storage or a home server? Would your family benefit from having this technology on your home network? What types of media do your family members routinely share? What other types would they share if they had the means? If your network at home is wireless, is the network set up to provide adequate protection against hackers? If so, identify the safeguards in place. If not, what would you need to make it secure? Are there other wireless networks within range of your home? If so, are they set up with an adequate level of security, or can you connect to them easily? What safeguards must you take if you connect to an unsecured network? Based on your answers to the above questions, summarize steps you can take to make your existing network set-up more effective and efficient for your needs.

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