Search Engine Optimisation

Project Instructions

You will work individually to complete this project and have one week in which to complete it.

You need to research and read some background into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in detail:

 Research and describe what Search Engine Optimisation is.

 Describe and provide examples of the key methods of SEO.

 Describe the differences between white hat versus black hat marketing in relationship to SEO. You should include terms such as keyword stuffing, doorways, link farming, etc.
o Read this and include an answer to the following question:
– What is the importance of Google s algorithm changes in relation to black hat marketing?

 Describe a basic strategy of search engine optimisation for a chosen organisation.

You must:

 Provide definitions in your own words utilising a number of resources.

 Provide examples wherever possible.

 You must reference correctly and marks will be awarded for students who try to explain using their own words rather than quoting.

 You need to produce work at a high level to represent your current standing within your program of study.

Your ability to work independently and to a deadline will dictate the length of this piece of work BUT all the above tasks must be completed.

Numerous web resources are available (e.g. you might want to start with this

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