Science Education

chemistry concept from the choice below.

States of matter
Elements compounds and mixtures
Chemical reactions

Part A Science Research 10% (suggested 900 words)

Write a brief report on your science concept to at least a year 7 level.
1. Explain your chosen concept and define the key terms associated with it
2. Provide valid labeled and/or annotated diagrams to support your discussion
3. Reference your key ideas using appropriate academic resources

Part B Preparing to Investigate a Child s Thinking 10% (suggested 300 words)

In the report:
1) Create a minimum of 10 well considered interview questions. You may want to refer to a concrete example (diagram, photograph or object etc.) that you plan to use in your interview.

It is expected that your questions will change throughout your interview as you adapt the discussion to accommodate your child s responses. These initial 10 questions should not be altered in this report as it is important for your tutor to be able to reflect on your initial thought process and observe how you have adapted your questioning in the interview.

In the Appendices:
1. With written consent, interview ONE child (aged 8-12) about their ideas around your chosen science concept. The consent letter (attached) MUST be included in the appendices as the assignment will NOT be marked otherwise. (THIS INTERVIEW CAN BE PRETEND)

2) You will need to record evidence of the interview with your child. You should record the interview and transcribe it and collect evidence in the form of drawings, artwork of any form or photographs (do not include faces of children for privacy reasons). These should all be included in the appendices.

Interview Tips
It is important to encourage the child to talk freely and draw their theories about this science concept. The purpose of the interview/ informal conversation is to find out what the child already knows and any misconceptions she/he has about the science concept.

The child can be interviewed in a class setting or at home. Structure your ‘interview’ as an informal and enjoyable conversation, and use some prompts if you like (but ensure you do not instruct children on the science concept, but rather listen to their ideas). Your interview questions are key to the success of your assignment, so it is suggested that you post these on your Discussion Board for review by the end of week 2.

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