Scenario: The assignment takes the form of a report to the CEO at the company headquarters. You can select the company of your choice from the 40 Australian int

BUSI2025 International Business
Guidelines for Individual Assignment

1. Scenario: The assignment takes the form of a report to the CEO at the company headquarters. You can select the company of your choice from the 40 Australian international company posted separately on Wattle.

2. Your assignment should contain a maximum of 2,000 words ±10%. You should bear in mind the following:
the CEO knows the company and its products or services well and thus does not need specific information about those;
the CEO needs to be informed about the possible risks, threats/opportunities to the company caused by peculiarities of the business environment in the foreign country;
attention should be paid to any aspect of the business environment relevant to the firm and its products/services, such as political environment, government regulation, commercial law, IP, level and rate of economic development, demographics, position in international trade and investment, environmental law, regional cooperation, etc.;
the main purpose of the assignment is to analyse the business environment in a country for the Australian company of your choice. Do not copy general information about the country from the internet but limit yourself to a sharp analysis of what is relevant to the CEO;
report and rationalise both successes and failures;
your analysis of the past, and present can help you recommend ways to overcome challenges and/or improve upon in the near future;
a standard assignment cover sheet upon submission;
bear in mind that for this assignment, you are required to conduct research that goes well beyond the data/info contained in the textbook for this course.

3. Once you have decided on a company from the list provided, you must conduct secondary research to learn where in the world the company of choice operates. You should be interested in current operations only. These operations must be real life examples and NOT fictional. Those who submit a report about countries in which operations have been terminated or potential countries for the company of choice s operations will receive NIL marks for the individual assignment.

4. In relation to the country of choice, you must select one country in which the company of choice has engaged one or another form of FDI “ M&A or greenfield/brownfield investment. This means the focus on countries where investments made translated into some degree of managerial control by the Australian company investing abroad. It is not enough to select a country to which the company of choice only exports or engages in other forms of entry mode, otherwise a 50% penalty will apply.

5. A very general/broad assignment will not receive high marks. Please note that the purpose of this assignment is to conduct an analysis of the business environment in the country of choice relevant to the company of choice s operations. If the report presents info/data that is too general such as GDP, culture, political forces, etc. without relating these or having relevancy to the company s operations, a penalty will be imposed.

6. Extensive research is expected, that is the depth/number of sources utilised in the assignment is extremely relevant, especially the depth. Shallow sources such as Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook is an indication of weak research practices.

7. Any reliable number of sources can be used, such as media reports “ The Economist Newspaper, EIU, Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, BBC News, etc. -, investment banking reports, reports by institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, DFAT , Austrade and the like, reports by institutions who analyse risk in markets around the world such as Euromonitor and Eurasia Group, etc., and academic journals among many others. There is a myriad of reliable sources to use, thus there is no need to cite the company s annual report extensively. The CEO is aware of what is in the annual report so it defeats the purpose of this report in providing new insights for him/her.

8. Sources can be websites, provided they belong to reliable and updated sources, for instance The Economist Newspaper, EIU, ASX, AFR, etc.

9. A degree of formality is required when addressing the CEO of the company of choice. Therein, an expectation of the use of good English and not just basic English. Spelling mistakes will not be tolerated given Word s spell check functionality. Additionally, there needs to be consistency of English language choice throughout the report, e.g. U.K English vs. U.S English.

10. Appendix: irrelevant charts, tables, graphs in the belief that these will help get more marks will have an opposite effect – penalised for wasting the CEO s time instead.
You must explain diagrams, charts, tables, graphs, figures etc. in the main content of the report and refer or append the diagrams, charts, tables, graphs, figures etc. to appendix. This is so the CEO understand the relevance and importance of these when they are provided in the report. Furthermore, sources of these should be provided right underneath the diagram, chart, table, graph, figure etc.

11. Structure of the report: Table of contents, an executive summary and list of references are not part of the word count. You should start by introducing the objectives of this report, followed by providing a short “ max 2 paragraphs “ description of the company s operations including the country of choice, along the lines of Company XYZ has been operating in Malaysia since 2000 and currently has 3 manufacturing facilities etc. Once the introduction is over, you should start the analysis of the business environment. Remember that not all factors or forces will be relevant to every company; besides, there is a word limit of 2,000 ± 10%, hence you should prioritise the salient forces.

12. Still in relation to the structure and in particular the format, this report is NOT an essay-based one. Write as if you are writing to a CEO who has limited time. A story book layout will make it difficult and less efficient to read. Use relevant headings and sub-headings, relatively short paragraphs and straight to the point way of expressing yourself.

13. Referencing: Footnotes (Oxford referencing style) is preferred and should be used throughout the assignment. A complete reference list must appear at the end. For reports without and/or missing references, a penalty of up to 50% of the total marks will apply.

14. In regards to the amount of secondary research and theory/frameworks etc. utilised, be mindful that this report requires a high level of critical thinking, interpretation and application. Hence, it is not sufficient to paraphrase throughout the report. You will need to submit your opinions based on your understanding of the relevant information you have. You do not have to spell out in detail the theory/framework etc., what is important is the correct application of that particular theory/framework etc.

15. Some countries/groups of countries and Australia have signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and you are expected to mention these in the reports, since they have implications for bilateral trade and investment.

16. Extensions: please refer to your course outline for extension requests policy and penalties incurred due to lateness.

17. Key marking criteria:

Contents of the Report
Provides a very brief background on the company, the nature of its FDI, and the countries in which it operates
Report analyses opportunities and risks arising from the various environment factors and forces :
Appropriate balance between analysis and description
Evidence of Research
Appropriate evidence to support key statements
Appropriate range of sources used
Structure of the Report
Introduction outlines purpose and focus
Main points discussed in logically sequential paragraphs
Conclusion follows logically and consistently from the introduction and body

Presentation of the Report
Writing is clear, grammatically correct, and academic in style
Sources used are accurately cited in the paper
The reference list is accurately and appropriately presented

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