saving private ryan.

movie to watch is saving private ryanReview a film that portrays ANY psychological disorder, including your research on that disorder. Does the film accurately show the symptoms and treatments? How could the film have been improved, while still maintaining the integrity of the storyline?This paper must follow the standard MLA or APA format (5 , typed, double-spaced, 1? margins, site your sources, etc.). Dont just paraphrase what you readtell me WHY this topic interests you. Your research should expand on the knowledge provided in the textbook and the class. ! Your research paper is your second helping. Learn more about your favorite topic and communicate what youve learned to me.College guidelines on plagiarism are strictly enforced. Original work is expected; copying off the internet is considered plagiarism. Quoting a source is fine when necessary, but sources MUST be used movies and mental illness by danny

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