Salty Snacks Exercise in understanding Competitive Market Structure

*Could please use data World Excel, about an exercise in understanding *Competitive Market Structure it could Salty Snacks.
*Please have read a good the attachments file, Answer the exercise in better ways.
*And Also, Answer the numbered questions that appear through the exercise
* What is special about this data set is that it comprises three particular ‘salty snack’
product types – potato crisps or chips; corn chips; and extruded snacks that take the form of rings or


could you please also, address the implications of the practical exercise ∜Salty Snacks� developed by Dr John Dawes available on file. expected to complete the exercise and questions set out in ∜Salty Snacks�. From this, is to consider what has been learned from the ∜Salty Snacks� exercise and related readings and write an assignment that considers the implications to conventional Consumer Behaviour texts (for example,
Solomon et al, 2010).

nclude the implications for:
∢ Segmentation (both brand and product)
∢ Brand positioning
∢ Brand loyalty
should you expected to use their learning from the ∜Salty Snacks� exercise but will need to back up their arguments using peer reviewed research papers and the East et al (2008) and Sharp (2010) texts.
and could you pleas add 5 more references (10)

i work with groups to care about the limited word, first we need to answer the exercise first after that we solve it with my groups

the exercise in the page salty snake please do it as soon as possible

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