Roman History Ancient tutorial questions

Please answer the following three questions.
The question below choose any artifact as long as you can write on what it is etc as the questions asks.

4.) Go to the Yale University Art Gallery online catalogue ( Use the catalogue to find an artefact from the Yale excavations at Dura Europos. Post the artefact on the discussion board with a description, and a brief statement about what this artefact reveals about the history and culture of the city.

(HINT: use the advance search, Department ‘Ancient Art’, Culture ‘Dura’, then choose from the classification list.)

Next two questions are:

The image of Zenobia still has a powerful resonance in the modern world. She has been used as a national symbol of Syria, has been the focus of many Arabic films, and continues to reappear in various other guises. In addition to the set questions for this week, take a quick look at how Zenobia has been used in images and modern media (this can be achieved through an internet search engine such as google). Feel free to post on what you find here, in addition to the questions below.
1.) How is Zenobia portrayed in the various excerpts which refer to her?
2.) How does this portrayal of Zenobia contrast with that of Odenathus?

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