Risk models

(A) Risk models. Look at the provided Figure 24. The purpose of this task is to give you some
introductory experience in identifying Mechanisms and Outcomes and drawing analysis diagrams.
This topic is covered in much greater detail in the subjects HES6740 and HES6741.
i. Draw the Mechanism analysis diagram for the case study provided in assignment 1,
making use of your answers in assignment 1. [15 marks]
ii. If you were to draw such an Outcome analysis for this case, what would the questions
be on which the analysis diagram was based? You can use your answers to
assignment 1. [7 marks]
iii. Draw an Outcome Analysis diagram for the case. Provide explanation. [8 marks]
[Maximum 30 marks]
(B) Approaches to risk management.
Look at < www.salon.com/2000/04/08/cockpits/singleton/>.
The media would have us believe that the events of September 11th, 2001 in the USA were
shocking (true) and unprecedented (were they?) in their nature. In the context of the discussion
on systemic (not systematic) control of risk in the notes, which relies on the work of Rowe, describe
what you think should have been evident in the management of risk in the airline industry, but
apparently was not.
[Maximum 30 marks]
(C) Risk evaluation.
In the context of the case study given in Assignment 1, discuss how each of the different types of
situations introduced in Module 4 might affect the behaviour and/or attitudes of people immediately
exposed to the risks and those who are held responsible for managing the risks.
You will probably need to make some assumptions and also use your experience to answer this
question. There are no correct and incorrect answers, as such, and obviously this is not a test of
your understanding of the psychology of attitudes and behaviour of people.
Put yourself in the position of a person immediately exposed to the risk (one of the miners whol lost
their life) and of someone responsible for managing the risk (the mine management), and think
about how the different circumstances would affect you if you were in this position.
Provide your answers in a tabulated form, firstly for the workers at the plant and secondly for the
managers of the plant.
[Maximum 30 marks]

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